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Nice to meet you, Japanese clothing remake brand "WAEN"

We also operate a beauty salon and costume rental in Tottori prefecture.

I am the representative of "Hapure Co., Ltd." ,

My name is Seiya Hamamoto.

Our company has been operating a beauty salon and costume rental since 1931,

So far was we walk over to the past three generations, while I will warmly supported by everyone in the region.

So why did you launch a new "WAEN" ?

I would like to tell you the story and thoughts of the brand until it was launched .

Thoughts on kimono 

I've been surrounded by beauty and kimono since I was a child, so I have a great attachment to kimonos,

I thought it would be a waste to throw away kimonos that are not products such as stains and insect worms.

In addition to that, I can't dispose of rental kimonos I've been trying hard since my grandmother's generation, even if I go to sell them.

I wanted to somehow solve the reality that the purchase price would be low.


At that time from an American friend

"My friends have many people who like kimono, but I can't wear it even if I buy it as it is, so make something with that kimono!"

Therefore, I want to remake the kimono that I have cherished and place it again as a product near you.

With that in mind, I decided to launch a brand that was particular about remake.

Therefore, we started making products in collaboration with local designer Morita. From there, I started the concept of the brand.


"I want to bring the charm that can be expressed because it is a kimono to the people who live now."


With that in mind , we launched the brand in 2018 with the brand name "WAEN" in the sense of connecting kimono.

To everyone through WAEN

WAEN is a remake brand.

But not only do we reuse good materials to make good products,

・Person who was interested in kimono and Japanese pattern until now but somehow resisted.

・Those who want to wear kimono but have given up because they cannot wear it alone.

・Person who wants to feel closer to the important memories sleeping in the chest of drawers.

We are continuing our activities to become an irreplaceable existence for such people.

Seiya Hamamoto
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