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One of a kind item

Goods  use material of KIMONO  as luxuriously

​Each one is handmade. we use only  high design from kimono of one .small goods are one of of only this  product you are looking at.

【Order flow】

Please place the item you want in the cart and proceed to purchase.

Delivery Date

【Next Business Day Shipping After Order】

Semi-custom Order

You can choose from a material. Dress, an aloha shirt, a kimono dress, a cape, etc... Enjoy dressing up in your own  dress which  only one in the world.


The noren, table center mat, etc., are boldly and fashionably coordinated at home.

 Variety of Home decor

There are only one of a kind goods. Please enjoy Japanese coloring by decorating the wall, entrance and toilet of your house.

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