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Redelivering kimono to the customer again

We are Kien remake brand WAEN.

So that you can wear your precious piece again.

Even as many people around the world as possible in kimono,

So that you can see the beauty of kimono.

With the idea of ​​"connecting ties through kimono"

I named it "WAEN".

A piece of memory. The one you wanted to wear

We hope that every day will be even more wonderful through Kimono.

​We will propose a kimono remake that we can only do.

WAEN 3 features

​01. Commitment to fabric and kimono remake used

Do not use new cloth or kimono. It's just a remake.

That is the root of WAEN.

02.Selected gems that can only be purchased at WAEN

Due to the fact that the existing fabrics are used, the same fabric has only one item in the world. It also increases the small without any scarcity of the same pattern in relation to accessories such as bags.

​One point only for you. We promise that you can find it with WAEN.

03. Bring your memories to you

WAEN also offers semi-orders to remake kimono memories

We are accepting.

・I can't wear it alone.

・Sudden reservations and expenses are difficult.

・I don't wear kimono, but I don't want to throw it away.

We will solve such a problem.

In the form of semi-orders, we can remake it into a separate kimono that can be worn by one person if you request a basic request, as well as other clothes.

Our thoughts

Our thoughts on WAEN

​ Representative Hamamoto will tell you along with a greeting.

How to use WAEN

​Enjoy WAEN with simple steps.


Separate kimono-style and clothes, please choose the only favorite of goods one in the world from among the wide variety of products such as interior accessories.


If you find your favorite product, go to the product page

Add to cart. Please enter your customer information.

Payment method is bank transfer or credit card

Is available.

-Waiting for delivery

​Products will begin shipping procedures the next business day after you place an order.

We will deliver it to you in 3 days.


When you arrive, please enjoy the beauty of the kimono and its story.


・WAEN is a remake brand. Our policy is not to use new cloth. Of course, we thoroughly clean the fabric to keep it clean, but we apologize for any special concerns, but please refrain from purchasing.

​・Due to the characteristics of reusing fabrics, only one or several items can be produced. Additional orders may not be accepted

Please note that there is.

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