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Kimono remake professionals come to life again

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From "Kimono that can be worn alone",

Even interior goods for hospitality

Bringing Japan's heart closer and easier.

Remake again for everyone.

​About “WAEN”
Based on Tottori prefecture
It is a "kimono remake brand" that we are doing.
​Each creator takes advantage of special skills
We send beauty and charm.
Kimonos that are no longer needed. The kimono that was forced to be released
We are working so that we can wear it again.
​You can choose from three applications

Semi-custom Made

You can choose from a material. Dress, an aloha shirt, a kimono dress, a cape, etc... Enjoy dressing up in your own  dress which  only one in the world.


The noren, table center mat, etc., are boldly and fashionably coordinated at home.

Veriety of Home docor

There are only one of a kind goods. Please enjoy Japanese coloring by decorating the wall, entrance and toilet of your house.

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